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Super Sorting Pie


Introducing the Super Sorting Pie, an educational toy that sparks joy and learning in the hearts of children. Designed to appeal to parents of small children and school teachers, this interactive sorting pie offers a world of discovery and skill-building.

Parents of small children will love the Super Sorting Pie as it combines fun and learning in a delightful way. With its pie-shaped container and colorful fruit counters, children are captivated by the hands-on experience of sorting and counting. The Jumbo tweezers reinforce motor skills

For school teachers, the Super Sorting Pie becomes an invaluable resource in the classroom. It offers a multi-sensory approach to maths education, making abstract concepts more tangible and engaging for young learners. Teachers can incorporate the pie into lessons on numbers, counting, fractions, and even simple addition and subtraction. The interactive nature of the Super Sorting Pie encourages active participation, collaboration, and problem-solving skills among students.

Age: 3yrs+

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A whole pie full of counting and sorting fun! Fruity pie teaches key early numeracy skills as children sort the fruit counters by their attributes. Jumbo tweezers reinforce motor skills. Age: 3yrs+
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