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Jumbo Tweezers – Set of 6


Parents and educators looking for ways to help children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination will appreciate the Jumbo Tweezers. This set of 6 brightly coloured tweezers is easy to use and will keep children engaged in the learning process.

These tweezers can be used for a variety of activities, including sorting, counting, and transferring small objects. They are also great for developing pencil grip and pre-writing skills.Children will enjoy using the tweezers to pick up objects and move them around, improving their grip and strength as they do so.

With the Jumbo Tweezers, children of all ages and abilities can develop their fine motor skills in a fun and interactive way. The tweezers are easy to use and the bright colours will capture children's attention, making the learning process more engaging.

The Jumbo Tweezers are a versatile resource that can be used in schools, nurseries or at home. They are a great addition to any learning environment and are sure to help children develop the skills they need to succeed.

Size: 35mm Diameter x 115mm Long.

Ages: 3+

£15.00 £12.50
A set of six colourful squeezy tweezers that strengthens the muscles in the hands. helps develop fine motor skills and builds hand-eye coordination. Squeeze the handles to open the round grips, use to pick up buttons, beads and more. . Size: 35mm Diameter x 115mm Long. Ages: 3+
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