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Hi Tech Sensory

Hi Tech Sensory

Hi Tech Sensory


We have a wide range of Hi Tech solutions to enhance your sensory areas. Over the next few weeks we will be uploading and video link so you can view these products close up. Please ring or email us and ask for further information.


Is an exciting touch inflatable. Press the inflated cones to create great music and coloured light. Hours of fun play and music creation.

Immersive image

Interact with the projected images and immerse yourself in light and colour whilst creating sounds. We have a fixed install version or a portable wheeled trolley.

Opti beam

Break the coloured light with the paddles to create music and light. Even control your favourite video images.

My Gaze

Uses your eyes to move the cursor around the screen just like a mouse. Use with standard software or our sensory Showtime to control your sensory room.

Sound beam

Imagine Soundbeam as an invisible keyboard. Move your hand our any body part through the beam to create music. Users can trigger melodies also using more than one beam.