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A wide range of resources, toys and tools for use with children and adults with Autism and ADHD.

Most of us take social interaction in our stride. We may be outgoing, or we may be shy, but most of us know how to respond or how to pick up basic signals about how someone is feeling. We have understanding of our own emotions, and can often understand how someone else maybe feeling. These skills are highly complex and are learned through years of picking up signals and learning to respond. Autism makes this a much harder process.  

Children who have Autism -

  • Are unlikely to consider how someone else may be feeling
  • Are often focusing on themselves and their own immediate needs
  • Are likely to misinterpret or miss non verbal signals - such as facial expressions
  • Do not pick up on language which is not clear in meaning or contains interference
  • Are likely to have difficulty controlling emotions and understanding feelings
  • Are likely to not know how to behave in many social situations and need to have support to learn how to repond