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My Feelings Bean Bags


Introducing My Feelings Bean Bags, the perfect companion for parents and teachers seeking to support children's emotional well-being and foster a nurturing learning environment. Designed with the needs of small children in mind, these bean bags offer a delightful and interactive way to explore emotions, express creativity, and enhance social skills.

Parents will love how My Feelings Bean Bags encourage their children to identify and communicate their emotions in a safe and engaging manner. Each bean bag features a range of colorful and expressive designs that capture different feelings, allowing children to learn about emotions while having fun.

For school teachers, My Feelings Bean Bags are an invaluable tool in the classroom. By incorporating these bean bags into lessons and activities, teachers can create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. Whether it's a group discussion about feelings, a storytelling session, or a role-playing exercise, the bean bags serve as visual aids that facilitate meaningful conversations and encourage empathy among students.

With their vibrant colors, soft textures, and educational value, these bean bags are a valuable addition to any home or classroom.

Bean bags measure 10cm x 10cm, and store in the convenient carry bag with drawstring. The set comes with a parent/teacher activity guide.

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Help young children identify and express their feelings and emotions with this set of 10 tactile bean bags. Each beanbag features a printed emotion image, including happy, sad, angry, surprised, loved, scared, peaceful, excited, sleepy, and disappointed, in a colour and texture that corresponds uniquely to that emotion. The beanbags store in the included drawstring carry bag, and the set comes with a parent/teacher activity guide. These tactile bean bags are ideal for use in an educational environment or at home to help children express their feelings and emotions through play. Touch, toss, and talk about the emotion depicted on each totally tactile beanbag for super multi-sensory emotional learning experience. Bean bags measure 10cm x 10cm, and store in the convenient carry bag with drawstring.
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