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Learn About Feelings Activity Set


The Learn About Feelings Activity Set is an excellent resource for parents of small children and school teachers who want to encourage emotional intelligence and support child development.

This set includes a range of activities and resources designed to help children understand and express their emotions in a fun and engaging way. The activities included in this set can be easily adapted to suit a variety of learning environments.

With the Learn About Feelings Activity Set, parents can help their children develop emotional intelligence and learn to express themselves in healthy and constructive ways. This is especially important for young children who may struggle with identifying and managing their emotions.

For school teachers, the Learn About Feelings Activity Set can be a valuable tool for teaching social and emotional learning skills in the classroom. The set can be used to supplement existing curriculum or as a standalone activity to promote emotional intelligence, empathy, and self-awareness.

Overall, the Learn About Feelings Activity Set is a must-have resource for any parent or educator who is passionate about supporting child development and promoting emotional intelligence. By providing children with a safe and engaging space to explore their emotions, this set can help to build essential life skills that will benefit them for years to come.

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Help children build important social-emotional skills with this activity set that teaches them about feelings and emotions in themselves and others with 10 engaging activities.

Children match body postures and facial expressions, learn that emotions can look different on different people, and discuss how situations may cause an individual to feel a certain emotion.

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