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Spike the Fine Motor Fidget Friend


Meet Spike the Fine Motor Fidget Friend! This adorable and interactive fidget toy is designed to support children in developing their dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor abilities.

Spike the Fine Motor Fidget Friend is a lovable companion that captures children's attention and encourages them to explore and manipulate. With its vibrant colors, unique textures, and sensory features, Spike provides a captivating sensory experience that keeps children engaged while they practice important motor skills.

Parents will appreciate Spike as a valuable tool for promoting fine motor development in their children. By squeezing, twisting, and manipulating Spike's tactile elements, children strengthen their hand muscles and improve their hand-eye coordination. The portable and lightweight design of Spike makes it an ideal toy for on-the-go entertainment, helping children develop their fine motor skills anywhere and anytime.

Teachers will find Spike a versatile addition to their classroom resources. It can be used during fine motor skill activities, sensory breaks, or as a tool for focusing and calming restless hands. Spike's engaging design appeals to children of all ages and can be incorporated into various learning activities, promoting motor skill development while also fostering concentration and engagement.

Age: 18 mths

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There are 6 ways to fidget and play with Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog Fidget Friend. Each time your child spins the wheel, turns the crank, presses the button, twists the knob, pushes the plunger, and moves the switch, they’re learning essential fine motor skills through tactile and fun fidget play. Age: 18 mths
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