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Sparkle Softplay Biff Bag


Sparkle Biff  Bag

A magical Softplay punching bag that lights up when pushed or punched, with the sparkle effect altering in illumination in accordance with the velocity of the push or punch. 

The sparkle biff bag is made from white clean nylon reinforced PVC and uses battery-powered elements that can be easily replaced using the zipped cover. The bag comes complete with a ceiling bracket and rope for fixing to ceiling height of between 2.4 and 3 m.

Please note that the biff bag uses  special elements made exclusively for spacekraft that will require replacement periodically. We expect a two year life expectancy and a complete replacement set is supplied free of charge when exhausted.

A replacement set is also available to buy.

Size :-  1000 mm long by 220 mm in diameter -  Weight 6 KG  

£510.00 £425.00
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