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Soundbeam 6 - Group Kit


Soundbeam™ is an innovative contactless movement-into-sound device. Regardless of physical or cognitive ability, clients can experiment with sound by moving within the field of an invisible keyboard in space. Even the blinking of an eye can produce cascades of notes, dramatic chords or sound effects making Soundbeam™ an ideal resource for solo work, group music-making and story-based activities. Soundbeam™ 5 incorporates 128 soundsets (combinations of music or theme-based sounds for up to four beams and eight switches) and internal synthesiser (256 musical instruments/sounds). Simple controls allow the operating length of the beam (between 300mm and 6m) to be tailored to the mobility level of the individual user. Additional beam units can be added for more ambitious group work and performance projects. Soundbeam™ 5 wireless switches are colourful, robust, sensitive, versatile, tactile and communicate wirelessly with Soundbeam™ 5 to an active range of 20m (line of sight). For further information about Soundbeam™ or to arrange a demonstration of this amazing



• 1 x Soundbeam 6 Controller Touch Screen Controller

• 2 x Soundbeam Sensors

• 4 x Wireless Switches

• 2 x Soundbeam Sensor Stands

• 1 x Microphone

• 2 x Speakers

Product Code: 55402

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Code 55402
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