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Musical Touch Wall


Uses Touch screen technology  on a big scale the glass panel lets users brush their hands or parts of their body over the display to interact with light and sound.With different programs to explore, the Musical Touch Wall is a fabulous magical wall panel which lights up with an ever-changing spectrum of coloured LED light. Brush your hand over the Musical Touch Wall to receive a rainbow wash of colour and an auditory reward. Ideal for tracking, encouraging communication and colour recognition.

Operates the following programs:

  • Trails: Paint with light - wherever you move your hand the light follows
  • Crosses: Touch the screen to create a cross (x)
  • Plus: Touch the screen to create a plus (+)
  • Radar:  Touch the screen to create a radar like swirl effect
  • Squares: Touch the screen to create squares
  • Circles: Touch the screen to create circles
  • Numbers: Touch the screen to count up to 9 - each touch of the screen increases by one. You will see each number as well as hear the number spoken.
  • Snake: Touch the end of the moving snake and gain a reward
  • Shapes:  Touch the screen and create shapes
  • Ripple: Touch the screen to create a wave of coloured ripples across the screen

Please note that the softplay stand on some of the images is for display purposes only, not included.

Product code: 14282

Please allow 20 days for manufacture and delivery

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Code 14282
Size H775mm x W670mm x D90mm
Disclaimer Products to be used under the supervision of a professional/responsible adult at all times.
Item Info Musical Touch Wall
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