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Interactive Illuminated Ballpool


The Interactive Ballpool has four coloured switches located at the top of each wall. The red, yellow, green and blue switches control the colour of the light shining through the clear balls. Press the red switch and the balls turn red, press the blue and they turm blue and so on. When powering up the lights change colour automatically until a switch is pressed. After a period on inactivity the colour sequence starts again automatically. The light source uses LED technology therefore the lamps never need replacing and also runs at a cool temperature. The Ballpool comes complete with 75mm clear balls. A power socket is required nearby to power up the ball pool. 

Made from heavy duty nylon reinforced vinyl. Easilly cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

 We suggest the ball pool is used in a darkened room. 

Operates on 240v transformed to 12v.

Sizes: Medium - 70382 W1450mm x D1450mm x H700mm. Includes 1,500 clear balls.

Sizes: Large - 70383 W2840mm x D2170mm x H700mm. Includes 4,000 clear balls.

Please allow 20 days for manufacture and delivery.

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Size Sizes: Medium W1450mm x D1450mm x H660mm Large: W2840mm x D2170mm x H660mm
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