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Interactive Fibre Optic Twinkle Panel


A colourful twinkling fibre optic harness suspended behind a clear protective polycarbonate panel and backed by a mirror for greater visual impact. The fibres automatically scroll through a gentle colour change cycle, instantly change to any selected colour when switch activated, and then revert to the automatic colour change if no switch control has been used for 10 minutes. The panel includes four 1/4” jack sockets so that users can plug in four Slimline switches (included) or any favourite switch. Each socket is colour coded (red, yellow, green and blue) to activate the matching fibre optic colour display: press the red switch to turn the fibres red, and so on. The Interactive Fibre Optic Twinkle Panel is also compatible for use with the SpaceMaster Controller.

Designed to be fixed to the wall and supplied complete with wall mounted brackets, the panel operates on 240v transformed to a safe low voltage.

Size: H775mm x W670mm x D90mm.

Product Code: 40119                  

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