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Fibre Optic UV Sparkleflex - Harness only


Replacement Sparkleflex harness fitted with 30 mm receptacle for our light sources. Safe to handle. Cleans easily with mild detergent.

Please note that the Sideglow requires a Lightsource to operate. Click Here.

Available in three sizes:

Product Code: 31116 - 100 Strand x 1m Sideglow

Product Code: 31117 - 100 Strand x 2m Sideglow

Product Code: 31118 - 100 Strand x 3m Sideglow


As low as £299.94 £249.95
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Code 31116M
Master Code 31116
Disclaimer Please note: a Lightsource is required to operate a Fibre Optic UV Sparkleflex.
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