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Colour Mixing Glasses


These innovative glasses provide a hands-on learning experience that allows children to explore the fascinating process of color mixing and unleash their creativity.

Colour Mixing Glasses offer a unique and engaging approach to learning about colors. By wearing the glasses, they can see the world through tinted lenses in an exciting new way. This interactive tool sparks curiosity and encourages children to experiment with various color combinations, fostering their understanding of primary and secondary colors.

Parents will appreciate Colour Mixing Glasses as an educational tool that promotes cognitive development and creativity in their children. The hands-on nature of the glasses allows children to actively participate in the learning process, making it an engaging and memorable experience.

Teachers will find Colour Mixing Glasses a valuable addition to their classroom resources. They can use the glasses to facilitate hands-on science experiments, art projects, and interactive lessons about colors. By incorporating Colour Mixing Glasses into their teaching, educators can ignite children's curiosity, promote collaborative learning, and enhance their understanding of color theory.

Set includes: eight lenses, two of each: red, yellow, blue and distortion (to see like an insect) and a colour mixing guide

Age: 3-10 yrs

£12.30 £10.25
Engage young scientists with bright colours and chunky pieces. Chunky primary science glasses are the ideal size for children. Slot in plastic glasses allow coloured lenses to be easily changed and added to for colour mixing activities. A fun way to encourage early learners to explore primary and secondary colours. Set includes: eight lenses, two of each: red, yellow, blue and distortion (to see like an insect). colour mixing guide Age: 3-10 yrs
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