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Softplay Rooms

A softplay Room is a perfect place for special needs users to push their physical boundaries, to explore and learn in a safe environment - a world of brightly coloured tunnels, dens and slides.

SpaceKraft's Interactive Softplay provides an exciting and ever changing world of steps, slides, walls, floors and challenging obstacles to be explored which reward with auditory feedback.

Environments are individually designed to your needs and coupled with the addition of specialist interactive products and control systems, you can encourage mobility and expression within an ever-changing stimulating Softplay area.

Many years of experience allow us to design an appropriate level of challenge into each Softplay room for the intended user.

See below for a few examples of softplay rooms we have installed at schools and centres.

Softplay Rooms
Softplay Rooms
Softplay Rooms

If you are interested in having a Softplay room in your school or establishment, SpaceKraft's FREE design service takes away any problems you might have in deciding what will fit in your Softplay room and design it to suit your needs. Call us on 01274 581007 to arrange a visit from one of our experienced representatives.

Sensory Intergration is the 'neurological process that organizes sensation from one's own body and from the enviroment'. It enables us to combine sensory input with previously learnt information, memories and knowledge, and make a meaningful response. SpaceKraft is commited to working with therapists and is developing our product range in conjunction with leading manufactures to provide a one stop shop for all your therapy treatment needs. Purchase of suspended equipment should be under the advice of trained Sensory Intergration therapist. Please see the Sensory Intergration section for details of the products we offer.