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Vegetable Garden


These adorable and cuddly companions allow children to harvest a colorful crop of fun while sparking essential early learning skills like speech development, sorting, color recognition, and shape recognition.

Each Plush Vegetable Toy is carefully designed to resemble real vegetables, capturing the imagination of young learners.

Parents can use them to spark conversations about healthy eating, introduce new vocabulary related to vegetables, and encourage imaginative play centered around gardening and cooking. Children can practice sorting and categorising by grouping the plush vegetables based on their colors, shapes, or types, promoting cognitive development and critical thinking skills.

For teachers, these plush vegetable toys can enhance classroom activities and lessons. They can be used during storytime to bring stories about gardening and healthy eating to life, as props for counting and sorting exercises, or as a visual aid for teaching color and shape recognition. The soft and tactile nature of these toys also makes them ideal for sensory play and hands-on learning experiences.

Age: 2+

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Sow the seeds of learning with this brightly coloured toy vegetable garden. Plant these plush vegetable toys and harvest a colourful crop whilst sparking early learning skills like speech, sorting, colour and shape recognition. Age: 2+
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