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Weplay Tricky Fish


A robust ball tracking game shaped as it happy smiling fish with a tail for a handle. Tilt the board with fine motor control to roll a small ball along the grooved path. Each side offers a different level of challenge: on one side, a mini-ball runs under a transparent cover, while on the other, a bigger ball must be more carefully controlled to prevent it from falling out of the track.

Two path styles are available: the green fish has a linear path ( basic level )which helps develop hand control, the foundation of the daily self-care abilities; the blue fish has a circular path (advanced level ) which provides training for fine motor skills related to writing agility, throwing and finger movement. The big ball can be placed in the fishes eye for easy storage. Tricky fish helps to improve and stability and finger dexterity, develops hand eye coordination, enhances visual tracking skills, and boost concentration.

Age 3+

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