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Tri-Grip Tongs - Set of 6


The Set of 6 Tri-Grip Tongs is an innovative educational tool that helps children develop fine motor skills and encourages sensory exploration. Designed specifically for children, these durable tongs make it easy for little ones to pick up and hold a variety of objects.

With the Tri-Grip Tongs, children can explore and manipulate objects in a fun and interactive way. These tongs are perfect for use in sensory bins, science experiments, art projects, and much more. They're also ideal for developing essential skills such as hand-eye coordination and grip strength.

This set of six tongs is crafted with high-quality materials that ensure durability and safety. The tongs are easy to clean and can be used repeatedly, making them perfect for classroom or home use. They're also portable, making it easy to use them in a variety of settings.

The Tri-Grip Tongs Set of 6 is perfect for children age 4+ and is designed to enhance their learning experience. Parents and teachers can use them to introduce children to a range of subjects, from science to maths to art. They're also an ideal tool for occupational therapists who work with children on fine motor skill development.

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Strengthen pencil grip skills without the pencil! It's easy to build one of the most important fine motor skills when you use the Tri-Grip Tongs. When tongs are used to pick up toys, counters, and other objects, users will boost their fine motor skills development without even knowing it. Ideal for teachers, specialists and occupational therapists.

Each set of Tri-Grip Tongs comes with six tongs in 6 vibrant colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple).

Tongs measure 12cm H x 4cm diameter.

The tongs also come with a durable plastic bucket that doubles as a storage container.

Age: 4yrs+

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