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Tock the Learning Clock


Tock the Learning Clock features a friendly and animated design that captures children's attention and makes learning exciting. With its vibrant colors and interactive features, Tock provides an immersive learning environment for children to explore the concept of time. Parents can feel confident in Tock's ability to support their child's educational journey.

This innovative toy is equipped with two learning modes; quiz and music mode and children can learn how to read both digital and analogue clocks.

In the classroom, Tock can be used as a valuable teaching aid for introducing time concepts to students. Its interactive nature encourages student engagement, while the clear visuals and audio prompts make it easy for young learners to grasp the fundamental concepts of time measurement.

Size: 230mm

Age: 3yrs+

£27.00 £22.50
Tock the Learning Clock helps children to learn how to tell the time. Turn the clock hands and Tock will announce the time. Children can learn how to read both digital and analogue clocks. Has two learning modes; quiz and music mode. Features a night light function which lets little learners know when its ok to get out of bed. Size: 230mm Age: 3yrs+
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