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The Doo-zy Switch


Is the most flexible switch and communicator available. It has every feature you can imagine and the sound quality is amazing. Its has far more features than the Big Mack switch

Anyone involved in delivering learning to those with complex sensory or physical needs will appreciate the incredible flexibility of the Doo-zy Switch which features on board intelligence and a host of built-in switch programs.

The Doo-zy book is available that explains how to use the Doo-zy in the classroom environment. Its free but you must order seperately.

 Doo-zy Switch Features:

  • Control switch adapted toys in momentary, latch or timed modes
  • Record Hours of sound with the onboard mic 
  • Build your own music albums
  • Lights up and vibrates
  • Built to last while easy to use
  • Infra red feature to control domestic items such as TV
  • Magic eye to trigger without pressing the switch pad
  • Step sequencer to record a strings of sounds
  • Trigger environmental equipment that uses infra red
  • Can operate on flat surfaces, wall-mounted or attached to a wheelchair
  • Comes fitted with a 1 GB SD memory card Make up to 6.5 hours of superior quality sound recordings
  • Uses rechargeable batteries (included) that last for up to 12 hours continuous use
  • Comes with bracket for wall mounting
  • Comes with all the accessories, detailed instructions, carry case and all leads required to use straight out of the box..


Product code: 80210

Doo-zy Book - Free of charge product code :- 80210DB



£144.00 £120.00

True adaptability means the Doo-zy Switch acts as a: Toy Controller. When used as a toy controller the Doo-zy Switch offers the following options:

  • Timed - set the time you wish and press the switch to operate
  • Timed out - press the switch at the end of the message to operate
  • Direct - press and hold to operate for desired time
  • Latch - press to operate, press again to turn off
  • Sequence - press and play back a sequence of sounds, on final press the switch operates
  • Opposite - release to operate. Just plug in your favourite switch adapted device.

Play or pause any sound recorded Randomiser & Doo-zy will now play back recorded sounds completely at random Use Doo-zy as a counter & press the pad and the LED displays the count Music Player Record your favourite tracks straight from your Ipod or MP3 player.

Press the Doo-zy Switch to hear your music, press again to skip to the next track. Voice Recorder Use as a recording device - record a single message or command and press the switch to hear your recorded message. Use as a step communicator at story-time, this means that a string of sounds can be recorded in sequence and used to operate any controllable piece of equipment.

Infra-red Remote Control Operator will learn up to 15 infra-red codes to use with items such as a TV or CD player. Play back the codes in sequence. This feature is designed to learn infra-red codes from domestic handheld remote controls. Also play back the sounds synchronised with the codes.

Magic Eye The Doo-zy Switch has a built-in 'Magic Eye' passive infra-red sensor that enables switches to be operated by body movement - either close up or up to 4m away. Walk or move any part of the body into its path to activate the switch.

Part Number: 80210

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Code 80210
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