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Switches vary according to an individual's needs, from robust which are designed to withstand rough treatment to ones that can be operated by the slightest of touches. Switches allow the user to be able to control the piece of equipment and learn about cause and effect.

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  • Twin Dome

    Two globes of fascinating multi-coloured spinning lights mounted on a mirror surface
    Product code: 16232
    £195.00 Excl. Vat: £234.00 Incl. Vat:
  • Big Mack Switch

    A communication aid with 20 seconds of memory which allows a message to be recorded.
    Product code: 80070
    £139.00 Excl. Vat: £166.80 Incl. Vat:
  • Little Mack Switch

    This communicator provides an easy way to introduce voice output devices while teaching cause and effect.
    Product code: 80080
    £92.00 Excl. Vat: £110.40 Incl. Vat:
  • Dome Switch

    Finger press anywhere on the dome to activate.
    Product code: 80141
    £64.50 Excl. Vat: £77.40 Incl. Vat:
  • Light Up Bubble Blower - Switch Adapted

    Press the button on the top to start the lights and produce a lovely spread of iridescent bubbles
    Product code: 80644
    £35.00 Excl. Vat: £42.00 Incl. Vat:
  • Train Set - Switch Adapted

    An exciting model train set with a switch adapted control lever – just plug in your favourite switch via the 1/4” jack and take control of your own diesel locomotive.
    Product code: 80645
    £45.00 Excl. Vat: £54.00 Incl. Vat:
  • Sound Dome

    A fantastic new robust interactive resource which produces different musical sounds when the five coloured switches are pressed.
    Product code: 16229
    £195.00 Excl. Vat: £234.00 Incl. Vat:
  • Co-Operative Slimline Dual Switch

    A low profile switch with two switch plates. Both plates have to be pressed together to operate
    Product code: 80028
    £53.00 Excl. Vat: £63.60 Incl. Vat:
  • Bead Chain Switch

    This simple and robust switch curtain activity is totally absorbing for sensory learners who are working at an early cause and effect level
    Product code: 80312
    £120.00 Excl. Vat: £144.00 Incl. Vat:
  • Switch Modifier

    The Switch Modifier is like a magic box that fits between the toy and the switch, offering users the ability to use the item in momentary, latched or timed mode.
    Product code: 80493
    £110.00 Excl. Vat: £132.00 Incl. Vat:
  • Match It Myself Switch

    A fantastic and innovative switch that invites the user to select and activate a specific piece of SpaceKraft Interactive Multi-Sensory Room equipment
    Product code: 80317
    £299.00 Excl. Vat: £358.80 Incl. Vat:
  • Disc Switch

    Place your hand on the large pressure plate to activate.
    Product code: 80142
    £56.00 Excl. Vat: £67.20 Incl. Vat:
Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 12 of 37 total

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