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Softplay Noisy Trampoline


A metal framed trampoline which is completely encased by a colourful Softplay plinth, making it a safe addition to any play area. Jump up and down on the trampoline to hear a "boing" noise or press one of the four coloured sections on the Softplay plinth to be rewarded with auditory feedback.

Helps encourage mobility, exploration, communication and most of all, is great fun! The Trampoline comes with eight groups of five sounds that can be easily changed by the press of a button. These include numbers, colours and various fun sounds.

Comes complete with a control panel with built in speaker which operates on a 240 volt supply. The trampoline includes a built in wireless transmitter which is powered by 3 AA batteries (included) in an accessible battery compartment.


This piece of equipment uses the Spacekraft sound generator to create noise, music, or sounds. Sound generator requires a browser enabled smart device or tablet to control the programs and volume controls.


Size: H300mm x W1220mm x D1220mm.

Product code: 75353

£1,140.00 £950.00
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Code 75353
Size W1220mm x L1220mm x D300mm
Disclaimer Products to be used under the supervision of a professional/responsible adult at all times.
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