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Softplay Activity Mirror


Our NEW Activity Mirror lends itself to working on body awareness with your pupils in your softplay room, or in any interactive space. The mirror surround is manufactured from the same high quality components and nylon-reinforced vinyl as the rest of our softplay items and the mirrored surface is soft and unbreakable. The Activity Mirror has four transparent pockets up each side, which will give a noise reward when pressed. The Activity Mirror comes with eight groups of eight sounds - four sets of prerecorded messages (body parts, actions and directions), and a further four sets that enable you to easily record your own sounds to meet the specific needs of your learners, and which can be changed at any time. Each set of prerecorded sounds have corresponding illustrated cards to slot onto the pockets. You can make your own inserts using symbols or pictures. This fantastic piece of equipment will encourage understanding of cause and effect, choice making, social communication and interactive play.

It comes with a hidden control panel and built in speaker that requires a mains power supply.

Size: H1680mm x W1000mm

Product Code: 70330

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