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Snap & Learn Rhyming Pups


This delightful set is designed to engage young learners in a playful and interactive way while promoting essential language development.

With its adorable puppy characters and interactive snap-together pieces, the Snap & Learn Rhyming Pups provide a unique learning experience for children. They will delight in matching the rhyming pairs by snapping the pieces together improving vocabulary skills.

The vibrant colors and charming pup illustrations not only capture children's attention but also foster a love for language and storytelling. As they explore rhyming words and create their own playful combinations, children enhance their creativity and develop an ear for language patterns.

Parents will appreciate the educational value of the Snap & Learn Rhyming Pups, knowing that their child is engaged in a purposeful activity that builds crucial language skills. Teachers will find this versatile toy invaluable in the classroom, as it can be incorporated into language lessons, literacy centers, and group activities.

vMade from high-quality materials, the Snap & Learn Rhyming Pups ensure durability and long-lasting play. It's a valuable addition to any toy collection and provides endless opportunities for language exploration and learning.

Size : Each pup measures 11.5cm long x 5cm high

Age: 3 yrs +

£21.54 £17.95
Colourful puppy friends snap together and pull apart to make rhyming words. Set includes ten heads and ten tails that can be mixed and matched to make over 55 rhyming words. Size : Each pup measures 11.5cm long x 5cm high Age: 3 yrs +
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