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Simple Stopwatch


Introducing the Simple Stopwatch, a versatile stopwatch that appeals to parents of small children and school teachers alike.

Parents will find the Simple Stopwatch invaluable for various activities with their children. Whether it's tracking playtime, setting limits for screen time, or establishing routines, this stopwatch provides a visual and tangible way to help children understand the concept of time. It can be used as a fun and engaging tool to motivate them during daily tasks, such as tidying up, completing homework, or practicing instrument lessons.

For school teachers, the Simple Stopwatch is a must-have resource in the classroom. It facilitates time management during different activities, transitions between subjects, and timed assessments. With its clear display and easy-to-use functions, teachers can instill a sense of structure and discipline while encouraging students to stay focused and manage their time effectively.

Size: 70mm high

Colours will vary

£11.94 £9.95
With easy to use start, stop and clear buttons, this Simple Stopwatch is ideal for children to learn to time maths exercises and other activities. Ideal for small hands. Size: 70mm high Colours will vary.
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