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SensorySafeFor over 20 years SpaceKraft have created and developed exciting and innovative Multi-Sensory environments and products that deliver proven benefits across all age ranges, from moderate to profound Special Needs.

At the heart of this design process though is the importance of safety.

At SpaceKraft, we pride ourselves on making sure that all Special Needs Children benefit from our wide range of products in a safe and engaging environment under the close supervision of an adult.

In line with our continuous endeavour to improve we have put together this simple Safety guidance sheet with a few helpful hints which are important to remember when using any piece of SpaceKraft equipment, helping to provide the maximum benefit to all individual users.

All SpaceKraft equipment has been designed to provide genuine solutions for carers and teachers however, the appropriateness to the user is important. We recommend that you seek advice and guidance from an appropriate professional if you are in any doubt.  Please read and fully understand all instruction manuals that are provided with every piece of equipment we supply. If you have mislaid these documents pleasecontact us and we will send you a new copy.

Bubble Tubes, Fibre Optics and Projectors are just some of the items that help create an exciting Multi Sensory environment however, it is important that they are used under professional/responsible adult supervision at all times.

If you look after your equipment correctly it will last and give you years of service. SpaceKraft recommends that you visually check an item prior to each use.

If you are experiencing problems with an item of SpaceKraft equipment do not disassemble it or attempt to repair it. Please contact SpaceKraft for further guidance.

Never leave children unsupervised with this equipment and only use a piece of equipment for as long as is appropriate for each individual.

Before cleaning a SpaceKraft electrical item or when not in use please ensure that the product is unplugged from the electrical outlet. Never pull the cord to pull the plug from the socket.

SpaceKraft are continually striving to develop new products to meet the changing needs of Special Needs children and this can only be done when safety is of paramount importance.

Learning and development can only be achieved in a calm, reassuring and safe environment so follow the simple tips outlined above to get the most from every item of equipment purchased from SpaceKraft.