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Dark Dens and accessories

Dark Dens and accessories

Have you ever had a child that is too excitable and hyper?

Do some pupils become overwhelmed at times by the noise and bustle of School life?

The Dark Den and Accessories found below are a simple and effective way of providing children with the sensory quiet that they can sometines need.



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  • The Dark Den

    An easily assembled cube tent with black interior which offers a vital stimulation free refuge for pupils who can become overwhelmed by the noise and bustle of school life.
    Product code: 57606
    £60.95 Excl. Vat: £73.14 Incl. Vat:
  • Dark Den Accessories Kit

    An exciting collection of light-up resources for use inside the Dark Den, the Mega Dark Den, or any darkened environment.
    Product code: 57607
    £59.95 Excl. Vat: £71.94 Incl. Vat:
  • Bargain Fibre Optic Set

    A 1 metre fibre optic side glow and light source starter kit at a bargain price
    Product code: 30100
    £345.95 Excl. Vat: £415.14 Incl. Vat:
  • Mega Dark Den

    A large cuboid tent which offers a darkened stimulation-free environment for a single child or groups of children.
    Product code: 57559
    £107.95 Excl. Vat: £129.54 Incl. Vat:
  • UV Ripple Mat

    The UV Ripple Mat creates a jewel-like stained glass effect when hung in front of a window while the woven structure offers great tactile interest.
    Product code: 40404
    £265.50 Excl. Vat: £318.60 Incl. Vat:
  • Prismatic Projector Light

    A hand held light which has three different visual effects to explore.
    Product code: 20210M
    From: £6.15 Excl. Vat: £7.38 Incl. Vat:
  • Kaleidoscope Lamp

    Switch on the lamp to see the crystal globe rotate and project multi-coloured prismatic patterns of light.
    Product code: 26229
    £11.95 Excl. Vat: £14.34 Incl. Vat:
  • Glitter Globe

    Shake the globe to see a fascinating projected display of colour changing reflections.
    Product code: 26228
    £4.95 Excl. Vat: £5.94 Incl. Vat:
  • Star Show Projector

    This amazing visually arresting projector illuminates any darkened room with hundreds of stars.
    Product code: 26230
    £6.55 Excl. Vat: £7.86 Incl. Vat:
  • Colour Changing Egg

    This free-standing Colour Changing Egg morphs slowly through a pretty rainbow of colours creating a soothing and magical glow.
    Product code: 20140
    £3.95 Excl. Vat: £4.74 Incl. Vat:
  • Mood Cube

    A portable mood light which has colour changing LEDs. Perfect for any dark area. Calming and relaxing.
    Product code: 20143
    £4.95 Excl. Vat: £5.94 Incl. Vat:
  • Light up dice

    This soft rubber dice slowly changes colour to create an enchanting visual effect.
    Product code: 20142
    £3.95 Excl. Vat: £4.74 Incl. Vat:
Set Descending Direction

Items 1 to 12 of 23 total

  1. 1
  2. 2