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Sensit Chair & Stool


Protac Sensit Chair is a sensory-stimulating chair and increased levels of concentration among users. Children, adults and the elderly suffering from mental and physical restlessness can benefit from the chair.

The chair is filled with balls in the seat and back and in the special neck and side wings. These wings can be placed around the body as required, enveloping and calming the user.

The Protac Sensit chair is used by therapists and professionals as a tool for sensory stimulation in multi-sensory environments. The chair strengthens the user's sense of his / her own body and has a calming effect. It is a good alternative for wheelchair users and bedridden patients who need to change position during the day.

The chairs stable shape supports the neck, head and body, and the flexibility of the balls in the seat and back makes it easy to adjust the chair and create a comfortable sitting position.

The Sensit Stool can be used as a footstool in conjunction with the SenSit chair or separately as a stool. The balls in the upper part of the stool stimulate the senses, while it is also comfortable to sit on. Can also be used as a comfortable anti-rock chair in schools.

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