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Optical Effect Sensory Bag


Mirrors are very popular tools for helping children to discover themselves and become familiar with their own face and expressions. The resources in this sensory bag provide a wide range of visual effects including prisms, reflections, gently floating glitter, reflective crinkly surfaces, magnification and coloured tints. Bag size: H450mm x W350mm. Contents (may vary):

  • • 1 x Sensory Bag

    • 4 x Magic Mirrors

    • 3 x Space Blankets

    • 2 x Eye Scopes

    • 1 x Rainbow Sound Blocks

    • 2 x Dinki Glitter Tubes

    • 2 x Large Glitter Tubes

    • 2 x Spiral Glitter Tubes

    • 3 x Giant Softy Colour Panels

    • 1 x Wooden Magnifying Glass

Product code: 34031

Please allow 20 days for the manufacture and delivery.

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Code 34031
Size Bag W450mm x L350mm
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