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Musii - Musical Inflatable


Musii is a new interactive music system designed for developmental play and multi sensory therapy.

Musii is a soft inflatable object that emits sound and is illuminated with colour when touched. It enables any non-musician to experience playing a musical instrument as well as offering stimulating visual and tactile sensation.

Combining an array of state-of-the-art technologies into one exciting product Musii invites participants of all abilities to make music and colour through touch and movement

With its expansive library of sound scapes our innovative musical system makes it impossible to hit a wrong note or play out of time.

A number of people can play harmoniously as a group or an individual can become an orchestra.

Sensor based instruments have proved to be a versatile and valuable therapeutic tool. We have developed this approach to music making and given it a tactile physical form that enables the user to see and feel the beam that they are interacting with.

The round soft base comes with wheels making it easy to move into other rooms. It requires a 240 v power supply and comes with an handheld tablet to allow chnage of programns and options. It also comes with a replacement inflatable top that is easly fitted using a zip. When running there is a fan that is used to inflate the cones that emits a low level hum.

Size 780 mm Diameter x 400 mm high when not inflated. 920 mm inflated.

Maximum weight on base 150 KG

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