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Musii - Musical Inflatable


Introducing Musii: Unleash the Power of Interactive Music for Developmental Play and Multi-Sensory Therapy in Your Classroom!

Musii is not just a musical instrument; it's a revolutionary experience designed to stimulate and engage learners of all abilities. This soft, inflatable wonder emits captivating sounds and dances with vibrant colors when touched, making the world of music and sensory exploration accessible to everyone.

Here's why Musii is the ultimate tool for your classroom:

  1. Inclusive Music-Making: With Musii, anyone, regardless of their musical background, can instantly become a musician. It's as easy as touching and feeling the magic it offers, allowing everyone to explore their musical talents.

  2. Multi-Sensory Stimulation: Musii is a feast for the senses. As participants interact with it, they not only create music but also engage visually and tactilely, making learning a truly immersive experience.

  3. Cutting-Edge Technology: Musii seamlessly blends state-of-the-art technologies into a single product. It invites learners to make music and create colorful displays through touch and movement.

  4. No Wrong Notes: Thanks to its extensive library of soundscapes, Musii ensures that there are no "wrong" notes or timing issues. It's a judgment-free zone where creativity can thrive.

  5. Group or Solo Play: Musii adapts to your classroom's needs. Multiple students can harmoniously play together, fostering collaboration, or an individual can become a one-person orchestra.

  6. Therapeutic Benefits: Sensor-based instruments like Musii have proven to be versatile and valuable therapeutic tools. We've taken this approach to music-making and given it a tactile, physical form, allowing users to see and feel the beams they interact with.

  7. Portability: Musii's round, soft base comes with wheels, making it easy to move between rooms. It only requires a 240V power supply and comes with a handheld tablet for program customization. Plus, the replacement inflatable top is a breeze to attach with a zip.

  8. Quiet Operation: While in use, Musii runs quietly, emitting only a low-level hum from the fan that inflates the cones, ensuring an undisturbed learning environment.


  • Diameter: 780mm (when not inflated), 920mm (inflated)
  • Height: 400mm
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 150 KG

With Musii, you're not just teaching music; you're creating a symphony of sensory learning experiences. Elevate your classroom to new heights with the power of interactive music and multi-sensory therapy.

Musii comes complete with an hand held tablet so users can make choices quickly and easily.

Unlock the magic of Musii today! 

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