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Interactive Lighting

Interactive Lighting

The Multi Sensory Room uses light, sound and a range of specialised equipment designed to create an environment that is used for relaxation, calming but most of all discovery and learning. This selection of Interactive lighting products from SpaceKraft helps build an understanding of basic cause and effect with the added bonus of receiving positive feedback in the way of a stunning visual reward. Fantastic resources for eye tracking, non verbal users and as an assessment tool.

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  • Lightwave Floor

    An illuminated floor fitted with 176 colour-changing pinpoint LEDs.
    Product code: 16705
    Excl. Vat: £1,250.00 Incl. Vat: £1,500.00
  • Dancing Curtain

    A remarkable black curtain fitted with 176 colour-changing pinpoint LEDs which fills an entire wall with eye-popping displays of light.
    Product code: 20814
    Excl. Vat: £895.00 Incl. Vat: £1,074.00
  • Dancing Globes

    A set of 55 colour-changing globes which provides a stunning light display of light which appears to move along the globe chain.
    Product code: 20813
    Excl. Vat: £695.00 Incl. Vat: £834.00
  • Magic Scanner

    A high brightness light which can be focused to project a variety of stunning effects around any Multi-Sensory environment.
    Product code: 20816
    Excl. Vat: £795.00 Incl. Vat: £954.00
  • Lightbeam

    An LED spotlight that projects a colourful array of dots and beams.
    Product code: 20803
    Excl. Vat: £395.00 Incl. Vat: £474.00
  • Rainbow Light

    The Rainbow Light is a dome-shaped light that provide narrow shafts of light - a mirror ball effect.
    Product code: 20812
    Excl. Vat: £395.00 Incl. Vat: £474.00
  • Superbeams

    A set of four small LED spotlights that pack a powerful punch: each Superbeam can be used as a narrow spotlight.
    Product code: 20805
    Excl. Vat: £980.00 Incl. Vat: £1,176.00
Set Descending Direction

Items 13 to 19 of 19 total

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