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About our Multi-Sensory Rooms

Spacekraft have been designing and building engaging, exciting and stimulating rooms for over 30 years, from the early relaxation rooms to the high tech, adaptable Interactive Multi-Sensory Rooms of today.

We have long recognised the importance of interactive environments and continue our tradition of encouraging users to develop understanding of cause and effect through touch and switch interaction and through noise making and movement.

The flexibility within the equipment enables users to develop at a pace individual and right for them, using a switch progression pathway. Our switch technology and equipment provides a stimulating range of visual, auditory and vibration rewards and can be personalised to meet individual preferences and development needs to maximise the learning potential of each user.

Arrange a free Consultation

Every Multi-Sensory Environment project is unique. The age and needs of the users, the space available and the budget all shape the requirements of a specific project. Your project is as important to us as it is to you and our personal service means that a Spacekraft representative will visit you to discuss your ideas and requirements, talk through our equipment, give free itemised quotes and provide 3D drawings of the planned Multi-Sensory Room environment. We are also willing to custom design any items not in the catalogue that you feel are important for your environment.