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Mains Controller Sensory Kit


The mains controller sensory kit includes key sensory equipment that can be controlled via a switch using switch progression. Switch progression is recognised as a structured way to teach cause and effect using switch technology. It uses Momentary, Latch and timed functions to control desirable equipment as a reward.

 Momentary – Press and keep holding the switch to gain reward

 Latch – Press the switch once to turn on and again to turn off.

 Timed – Select the time on period – Press the switch and it stays switched on until time period expired.

The controller has mains 2 sockets that are both connected and switched together. If for example users plug in two pieces of equipment they will switch on together when the switch is pressed. Idea being plug in the items you are working with when you need to use them. The kit is supplied with a slimline switch.

 The mirror ball motor is battery powered and designed to hang from a ceiling or wall bracket. We supply a wall bracket. Switch the motor on by a switch on the side of the motor. It uses a single C type battery. The mirror ball comes to life when the mirror ball spotlight is shone upon it. It comes with a filter pack so you can choose the colour projected

 The mains controller is mains powered at 240 volts and fitted with a standard 13 amp plug top fused at 5 amp. The mains controller is also good for switching some most house hold appliances not fitted with standby operation facility with a maximum power switchable of 1000 watts around 5 amps.

 Equipment in the kit -

Portable Bubble tube – 50511

Effects projector and 3 wheels – Star Buy A – 60415

Fibre Optic harness and Lightsource – 30104 

200 mm Mirror Ball with battery motor

Mirror Ball Spotlight with colour filter pack.

Slimline switch

Mains Controller


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