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Magic Scanner


A high brightness light which can be focused to project a variety of stunning effects around any Multi-Sensory environment. The Magic Scanner's highly sophisticated optical system ensures crisp, clear images and robot motor technology enables the effects to be projected to almost any position in the room.

  • Pan left to right through 360 (degrees)
  • Pan up and down through 270 (degrees)
  • Projector and scroll through six colours - white, red, yellow, green, blue and magenta
  • Project six silhouette images

Mix the colours and silhouettes together and move the image around the room versatile and visually arresting as a standalone piece of equipment, the Magic Scanner can also be coupled with the supplied 8-Way Wireless Recharger Switch to provide users with an exciting tool for creating atmospheric theatre within the sensory room. Simply press any one of the switches for a different projected effect:

  • Switch 1 - Changes colours
  • Switch 2 - Changes silhouette images
  • Switch 3 - Silhouette images with colour
  • Switch 4 - Cracked glass effect: Moving around the room
  • Switch 5 - Purple dotty effect
  • Switch 6 - Mirror pan; side to side
  • Switch 7 - Mirror tilt; up and down
  • Switch 8 - Off

The 8-way switch can also be used in conjunction with any favourite switch - simply plug into the 6.3mm jack socket on the rear. The Magic Scanner is mains powered and can be used on a tabletop or ceiling-mounted with the supplied bracket.

Size: H340mm x W220mm x D220mm.

Product Code: 20816

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