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Interactive Bubble Tube & 5-Way Wired Switch


The Interactive Bubble Tube allows the user to change the colour of the bubble tube and control the bubbles using the 5-way switch that is connected to the bubble tube by a wire. The Bubble tube starts in automatic colour mode. Press any one of the coloured buttons to override this and make the bubble tube turn red, yellow, green or blue. The white button stops and starts the bubbles. Ideal for encouraging awareness through cause and effect, turn taking or ready-steady-go! It uses an LED light source therefore no lamps to replace.

The wired bubble tube is ideal to be used with our Bubble Tube Plinth with Inset Switches. 5  switches are inserted into a softplay plinth with a coloured icon indicating the switch location. Press the switch to change the colour of the tube or control the bubbles.The plinth switches plug directly into the base of the bubble tube column.

Bubble tube should be treated regularly with BCB liquid. This reduces the build up of bacteria and algae in the water including Legionella and the species pseudomonas. Water in the bubble tube should be changes monthly. Part 50692

Bubble Tube Column - 150mm Diameter 

Bubble Tube base size - 400mm Square, 140mmH

Available in 3 heights. The heights refer to the approximate height of the bubble tube visible column. Each bubble tube is actually 160 mm higher.

1 metre bubble tube - Overall height 1160 mm H -  Weight 9.6 Kg

1.5 metre  bubble tube - Overall height 1660 mm H - Weight 10.5 Kg

2.0 metre bubble tube - Overall height  2160 mm H - Weight  11.4 Kg

Spacekraft recommend a Spacekraft Wall Fixing Bracket to be fitted to your Bubble Tube for greater safety. Please see Part 50112. We also suggest a foot pump to remove the water from the bubble tube when cleaning. Part 50114.


Operates on 240/110v transformed to 12v.

Three sizes are available.

1 Metre Bubble Tube - Part Number 50201

1.5 Metre Bubble Tube - Part Number 50202

 2.0 Metre Bubble Tube - Part Number 50203



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