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Colour Mix Sensory Tubes – Set of 3


The Color Mix Sensory Tubes are a set of three clear plastic tubes filled with a variety of colorful liquids that create an engaging visual sensory experience for young children. These tubes can help children develop their color recognition, visual tracking, and sensory processing skills.

For parents, these tubes offer a fun and educational way to engage with their children and encourage their learning and development. They can be used for quiet play, as well as for calming and soothing children who may be feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated.

For teachers, the Color Mix Sensory Tubes can be used in a variety of settings, including in sensory bins, science experiments, and as a tool for teaching color recognition and sorting. They can also be used to help children regulate their emotions and stay focused during class.

Overall, the Color Mix Sensory Tubes are a versatile and engaging tool for young children to explore their senses and develop important skills, making them a great addition to any home or classroom.

Age: 3+

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Ideal for social emotional learning (SEL), help children practise managing their emotions and focusing their attention with this mesmerising set of colourful tubes. Shake a tube to mix the colours, and then watch them slowly separate back into their original colours. Tubes are securely sealed, and the square endcaps mean children can use them vertically and horizontally.

Age: 3+

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