The Gurgly Magic of a Bubble Tube

The Gurgly Magic of Bubble Tubes - What’s your favourite bubble tube story?

A (very) long time ago I was privileged to be given the task of setting up a specialist nursery class for children with profound and complex learning difficulties. I look back with amazement at that time as at the start I had little idea of what I was doing. I quickly learnt!

I was lucky enough to obtain a grant from the RNIB to set up a Sensory Room, and my favourite piece of equipment in that resource was an Interactive Bubble Tube. It was the multi-sensory nature of the bubble tube that appealed to me, and that engaged many of the children – light, colour, vibration, moving bubbles and a bubbly noise, and easily controlled by the children using switches.

A memorable activity from those days was a sensory drama. The sensory room became a woodland environment for ‘A Walk in The Woods’. The bubble tube was a gurgling stream, complete with a

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