SpaceKraft Open New Sensory Showrooms

Staff and pupils from Phoenix School in Bradford were the first to experience SpaceKraft's Sensory Showrooms located at their offices in Shipley, West Yorkshire. The four rooms cover Sensory Show Magic- ideal for creating interactive scenario's, imagine a trip to outer space, an image of a rocket is projected onto a massive screen it's engines emitting blazing fire, the noise all around and smoke drifting through the air.

A White Room - a place used for relaxation and stimulation, relax on a waterbed whilst soothing sounds and colours are all around you.

A Softplay room - perfect for special needs users to learn in a safe environment, a world of brightly coloured interactive equipment that gives auditory feedback. The Interactive Image is an exciting projected image system that provides an innovative way to explore cause and effect, have a game of football or a paddle in a stream full of fish.