A Day with SpaceKraft Engineers... From Scotland to Gateshead!

So continuing with the 'out of this world' theme that's just what our customer in Scotland said last week! The Head and teaching staff are so pleased with the SpaceKraft Sensory Environment that they're not sure when they will let the children use it... they want to keep it for the staff! A job well done!

Last week we had 6 Engineers out and about across Scotland and the North East completing planned Sensory Installations as well as equipment maintenance and service. A normal, busy week in the life of SpaceKraft Engineers.

Sensory Environment Installation - so what do we do?

Our Engineers arrive on site and check over the room ensuring that it's ready for installation and necessary electrical work has been completed in accordance with the agreed drawings. We then carefully off-load the SpaceKraft equipment from interactive electronic products through to bubble tubes, fibre optics and soft play padding…. Then the hard work starts.

Following the agreed 3D drawings the Engineers place and install the equipment, ensuring all construction and electrical standards are met, meet Paul and Chris here in Scotland!

Once the room is completely installed we then independently check and test every element of equipment before completing a full awareness/induction session with the relevant teaching staff.

The environment is transformed with an interactive bubble tube, fibre optics, vibrating platform, infinity tunnel with switches, full immersive LED lighting with sound activation and a unique mark making element with a 'lumiglo' panel as well as softplay padding and flooring…!

Maintenance and Service - so what does this cover?

All SpaceKraft equipment comes with a 12 month warranty and in addition we offer CoverCare for extended warranty up to 3 years with annual maintenance visits.

Meet Christian and Gary, SpaceKraft Engineers completing service visits in Gateshead and South Shields.

Although there will be an identified problem for the visit all equipment is checked and tested to ensure that it's in good working order. As SpaceKraft Sensory Solutions can last a very long time we can very often be repairing or maintaining 3rd generation equipment so it's important our Engineers have a very good understanding of all SpaceKraft equipment. Some of the equipment here is well over 10 years old and still going strong..!

Two more very happy customers and another job well done!