How to Create a Sensory Room in the Home or in the Classroom 

A dedicated sensory room at home or in the classroom can provide a range of different sensory experiences in a comfortable and familiar setting.  In this article we’ll take a look at a customised multi-sensory room that we helped to design and install for one little boy. 

For more than 25 years, SpaceKraft has created and developed a range of exciting and innovative multi-sensory environments and products across all age ranges, and for users across the spectrum from moderate to profound special needs. These are typically found in a School but the benefits of a Sensory Room don’t need to end when you leave School. We have created a number of Sensory Rooms in the home too. 

In this article we want to focus on creating an entire sensory room.  A sensory room provides relaxation, fun and play for children and people of all ages with special needs, as well as their families and carers.  It provides a safe and nurturing environment where users can enjoy and benefit from all the leisure, therapeutic and learning facilities. 

Sensory experiences can be created through projected images, bubble tubes, sound and lighting, tactile objects and a wide range of interactive games that create a magical atmosphere for all. 

Whether it’s at home or in school, SpaceKraft has got you covered.  Let’s hear Zac’s story.  

Meet Zak!

Zac Hall Fibre Optics

Young Zak Hall has his very own sensory room at home.  He can relax on a waterbed while he listens to calming music and sounds.  He can also be stimulated by a Bubble Tube, Fibre Optics and any number of glow-in-the dark elements.

Spacekraft worked closely with Zak’s parents to design and transform a room in their home in Cumbria.  We helped them to create a special place for Zak, equipping the room with a range of sensory resources selected specifically for him.

Meet Zak’s Mum!

Mags Hall

Zak’s mum Mags recalls how it all came together:

“My husband and I knew about SpaceKraft’s catalogue and we’d seen all the equipment on their website,” she says, “but it was through talking with the Occupational Therapist and other parents that we found that just how highly recommended SpaceKraft was. We knew about some of the basic equipment like the Bubble Tube and Fibre Optics, but that was about my limit at the time. But after I got in touch with SpaceKraft and had a chat with them, their team came up with some really lovely ideas.”

“They asked what sort of things Zak would like. I told them he needs to have some nice soft plinths that he can lie on, because Zak’s got no functional movement at all. I also knew that we wanted to have some Bubble Tubes in there, some mirrors and definitely some Fibre Optics. But at the time, I didn’t really know much more than that.”

“I needn’t have worried - the SpaceKraft team quickly put our minds at rest. They put some ideas to us and we were just blown away. We just said ‘Yes’ to everything! How could we say no?”

“They were all really exciting things, and things that would benefit Zak hugely. We told the SpaceKraft team that he loves swimming, that he just loves floating in the water. So they immediately suggested a waterbed which would replicate that floating sensation for him.”

“And then we said that Zak loves visual things, even though he’s registered blind. So we asked if we could block all the other colours out and have something that was really, really bright. SpaceKraft came up with ultra-violet lighting, so the whole room’s black and then there are all these lovely bright lights right in front of him. So Zak can hold objects that react to UV light right in front of him, in front of his face, which is just perfect. He loves it.”

“The SpaceKraft team couldn’t have been more helpful. Everything was custom-made and fitted, and the team that came to fit it were all really lovely and didn’t order too many cups of coffee, so that was all good! They provide a really fast and responsive service too. If I ever need to order anything like a lamp, I just call up and they pop one in the post straight away.”

“Even after everything was installed, they still came out to visit us, just to make sure we were happy with everything, and to see if anything needed to be changed. Their service has been faultless, from start to finish.  SpaceKraft is just such a great company to work with. I wouldn’t swap them for the world and would recommend them to any parents or special needs schools or teachers looking to build a multi-sensory environment.”

Sensory Room Zac Hall

Talk to us about your own multi-sensory requirements

Multi-sensory environments can provide a relaxed atmosphere in comfortable and familiar surroundings.  They can deliver soothing sounds, interesting light effects, even captivating aromas, tactile experiences, massage and vibration, and gentle movement.  They provide wonderful opportunities for stimulation, interaction and engagement.

At SpaceKraft, our objective is to provide the widest possible range of products to our customers, whatever their needs or requirements.  Some of our products are manufactured by us, while others are diligently sourced from manufacturers around the world.

With your help, we hope to achieve SpaceKraft’s primary objective: to make using our extensive range of sensory products an interactive, stimulating, enjoyable, rewarding, educational and safe experience.  For all ages and all needs.

All SpaceKraft equipment has been designed to provide the best possible solutions for parents, carers and teachers.  However, since every user’s needs are different, it is vital to consider the appropriateness of each product to each user.  Feel free to get in touch with us for any advice or guidance as to the suitability of any SpaceKraft product to any particular user.

As we have seen from Zak’s sensory room, bubble tubes, fibre optics and projectors are just a few of the items that help create an exciting multi-sensory environment, whether it’s at home or in a classroom setting.  We should stress that all of our products should always be used under the supervision of a responsible adult.

Have you created a dedicated multi-sensory room in your home or school?  We’d love to hear from you about your experiences.  Please get in touch with us!