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Ark's Tetra-Bite Chewy Fidget


Ark's Tetra Bite Chewy Fidget

Four different textured extensions to chew on; ARK's Tetra-Bite™ packs a lot of features into one cool chew tool.  With 4 differently textured extensions to chew on, you'll never get bored.  Rotate between circular bumps, zigzag bumps, ribs, and lines - a sensory seeker's dream.  Each extension is long enough to reach the back molars for proprioceptive input to the jaw and masseter muscle.

Size: 137mmW, Each extension 50mmL

There are three options available all with different toughness.

Tough - Mild chewers

Extra Tough - Moderate chewers

Extra Extra Tough - Aggressive chewers

Choose from the drop down menu.

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